8 ply sock yarn

REGIA 8-ply Color has a wonderful color effect created from 11 different colors that complement each other perfectly, evoking a zest for life and color to keep your feet warm and bright on the coldest winter days. One gram skein is enough to knit a pair of standard adult socks. Forgot to log in? Skip to main content. Join our community Already a member? Sign in. Welcome New member? Create account. Forgot your password?

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REGIA 8-ply g. Details group Description REGIA 8-ply Color has a wonderful color effect created from 11 different colors that complement each other perfectly, evoking a zest for life and color to keep your feet warm and bright on the coldest winter days. Yarn Weight:.

8 ply sock yarn

DK - 8ply Light 3. Yarn ball weight:. Yarn Season:. Do not bleach. Tumble Dry, Mild. Dry Cleaning, Normal. View all patterns featuring this yarn!

Patterns featuring this yarn. Men's Socks, RAB. Language DE EN. Women's Socks, RAB.Yarn weight refers to the thickness of yarn used by knittersweaverscrocheters and other fiber artists. Changing yarn weight or needle size can have a significant impact on the finished project, so standardized systems have been spread about, as well as conversion systems for regional standards especially needle sizes [1].

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Yarn weight is important in achieving the correct gauge or tension for a particular project and can help with yarn substitution. The Craft Yarn Council of America has developed a system that seeks to standardize the labeled weights of yarn. Some brands use a standardized numbering system that uses seven ranges of relative thickness of yarn.

Yarn Ply vs. Yarn Weight

However there are methods for individuals to gauge weight for themselves. One way of determining the weight of an unknown yarn is to use the wrapping method. This convenient method is also used to calculate the amount of yarn needed for a project.

By this method it is possible to check yarn for sale with a simple pencil and ruler [3] without unwinding the skein, simply slipping the pencil under approximately an inch of the threads and holding a ruler against them. Wrap the yarn around a large needle or a ruler.

8ply DK Yarns

Make sure the yarn lies flat. Push the yarn together so there are no gaps between wraps. Smooth it out so it is neither too loose nor too tight. Measure the number of wraps per inch 2.

For better accuracy, measure the wraps at the center of your yarn sample.

8 ply sock yarn

The number of wraps will act as a gauge to assess the thickness of unmarked yarn; for example 12 wraps per inch is 12 WPI, and is used to calculate how much yarn is required for various articles, [3] so that 12 WPI is equivalent to 8 ply worsted weight, medium weight yarn. A more hands-on method, there is the Test swatch and the Gauge swatch.

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For example, changing needle size is one way to bring the test swatch nearer to an accurate measurement in yarn weight. The Gauge swatch goes further. Not only is it a tool for checking whether yarn conforms to a desired dimension, but it is usually produced with some of the complexities of the intended project i. This larger sample is then "dressed" meaning washed, ironed, and subjected to other processes expected of the finished item.

It is especially used for items that require a lot of work and time, to avoid dimensional mistakes in the long run. The following equation may be used to determine the weight of warp and weft required for a particular fabric:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs attention from an expert on the subject. Please add a reason or a talk parameter to this template to explain the issue with the article. When placing this tag, consider associating this request with a WikiProject.

November Retrieved Textile arts. Byzantine silk Clothing and textiles Silk Quilting Silk in the Indian subcontinent Textile manufacturing by pre-industrial methods Textiles in the British Industrial Revolution Timeline of textile technology. Dyeing terms Sewing terms Textile manufacturing terms. Art silk Milk fiber. Glass Carbon Tenax Basalt Metallic.I get asked this question via email quite often, so I figured it was time to answer it in a blog post!

Yarn can be very skinny or very bulky, and everywhere in between. However, the reason I get this question so often is because folks in the UK and Australia want to crochet an amigurumi pattern which calls for worsted weight yarnbut they can only find 8 ply yarn… and then, the solution is easy-peasy! Best, Stacey. Of course, making garments from foreign patterns can be troublesome.

My First Knit Socks on Double Pointed Needles Part 1 of 6

Thanks so much for this answer. I am starting to use my round and square loom knitters, which I havent used for years. I have written it down now! I would be interested to know if you have any ideas where I might get new, more modern patterns for the diary and square loom, and andy for other looms.

In my time we were accustomed to 4 ply, fingering yarn, bulky, etc. Now there are so many sizes, types, and ply that the art is now convoluted, I am sorry to say. What is 10 ply yarn? What is with diagramming a crocheted piece? There was a time when one simply followed a pattern and somehow it worked! Thank you so much for this helpful info I am crocheting a pattern requiring a 6. I order worsted yarn from the US but my cloche felted hat patter from Australia tells me to knit with two strands of wool.

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I now realise that my US yarn is equivelent to 10 ply and the Australian pattern instructions are using 8 ply. This is why I ended up with such a bulky knit. I wonder if I can just use this same pattern and knit with one strand of 10 ply to get the same results as the hat using two strands of the 8 ply yarn. Perhaps you might be able to answer this for? I appreciate reading your page. Does your pattern specify a gauge?

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The short answer is: no. How do I follow a US pattern with 8 ply yarn?

Many thanks Cathy.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

8 Ply Socks Free Knitting Pattern

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Sock yarn! Although you can knit and crochet socks with virtually any yarn, knitters and crocheters who love making socks know that certain types of yarn are particularly suited for hand knitting and crocheting the perfect pair of socks.

Some prefer natural fiber yarns reinforced with nylon or other acrylics to add durability.

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Other knitters and crocheters prefer thick wool for breathable warmth. Whatever sock wool and yarn you prefer, we've got you covered! See all search results. Shop Now. Items per page 30 50 Add Regia 4 Ply Color 50g to favourites. Add Cascade Heritage Solids to favourites. Add Lang Yarns Jawoll to favourites. Add Regia 4 Ply g to favourites.

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Add Cascade Heritage Wave to favourites. Add Austermann Step to favourites.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. On a crusade to create beautiful baby crafts on a budget? Our fabulous range of free 8 ply baby patterns are the ticket! A wonderful handmade gift and keepsake! See all search results. Shop Now. Free 8 Ply Baby Patterns On a crusade to create beautiful baby crafts on a budget?

Items per page 30 50 Add Space Cardigan to favourites. Add Teeny-tiny Knit Mitts to favourites. Add Preemie Crossover Cardigan to favourites. Add Willem's Blanket to favourites. Add Basic Booties to favourites. Add Ted Bear to favourites. Add Astrophil Blanket to favourites. Add Neonatal prem baby hat to favourites. Add Elvish Teeny Tiny Hat to favourites.

8 ply sock yarn

Add Simple Cardi to favourites. Add Paulina Dress to favourites. Add Little Avery to favourites. Add 5 inch bonding squares to favourites. Add Tiny Amy to favourites. Add Precious Preemie Hats to favourites.The truth is a lot more complicated than that.

Contrary to what you may assume, a yarn's weight has nothing to do with what it weighs on a scale. What yarn weight is describing is the yarn's thickness—varying from yarns that are almost thread-like to others that are super bulky. A ply was always a consistent size, so a two-ply yarn was very thin, while an eight-ply yarn was much bigger.

There's no such thing as a one-ply yarn. Technically, that's called a singles yarn. The singles are plied to create yarns of different thicknesses, but there's no longer any consistency as to the yarn's weight based on the number of plies. A four-ply yarn can be bulky or medium weight, while singles can be super thin or super bulky, or anything in between for that matter. The old definitions of yarn weight as being a particular ply are disappearing in favor of the Craft Yarn Council of America's Standard Yarn Weight System.

This system makes it possible for people from anywhere in the world to understand how thick or thin a strand of yarn is because the system is based on numbers. The system uses a scale from one to six, with one being the finest yarn, also known as superfine, and six—super bulky—being the biggest. Should you see knitting instructions that call for a particular ply of yarn, however, these rules generally apply, based on the standards in the UK:.

Two-ply yarn generally refers to super-fine yarn Four-ply yarn is lightweight also known as DK or double knitting yarn Aran yarn is not usually specified by ply, but this means worsted or medium-weight yarn. Read More.It is almost time to get the sock knitting needles out again. All my knitted socks wear out really quickly, which is a shame.

Still, this gives me a reason to make new ones. It is a shame, but it's always good to have an excuse to knit new socks! Thank you Christine - I'll need to hunt for 8ply and give these a try. You're very welcome! Any DK or light worsted yarn should work for these socks if you don't have any sock 8ply in your stash :- xx.

8 ply sock yarn

Hi Christine. Just got your book this morning and it has some great tips and sock patterns. I have just finished a pair that were knitted from the toe upwardsbut they are not the traditional socks at all. I knitted my first socks as a girl of 10, but my mother was one of 7 sisters who all knitted socks as they lived on Islay in the inner Hebrides. I'm still knitting socks today at Isn't it clever. I hope you don't mind me joking your lovely blog. Hugs Rita xxxx. Hello Rita, it's lovely to see you and thanks for buying the book!

I hope you're going to find it useful.

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Toe up socks aren't my favourite, I much prefer to knit them from the top down. I'm very impressed that you're still knitting socks - you've obviously done more than a few pairs over the years! Yes, the Arne and Carlos yarn is great, I love the way that it knits up in the Scandinavian design.

Thanks for visiting! Thank you Christine. I see in my post I wrote Joking instead of joining.

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